Wild, Weird, Wacky Wednesday

So, clearly, Wednesdays on here are gonna get a little … crazy. You know you like it.

Anyway! For this edition of Wild, Weird, Wacky Wednesday, I thought I might share a coupla things that I do that are kinda weird. Definitely let me know in the comments what you think of them, or if you do anything particularly weird, too.

One of my favorite things to do is organize things that aren’t my bedroom. Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding the disaster zone that is my bedroom because it’s just Too Much, or maybe it’s just because small messes bother me more than big messes, but I like fixing things just so and then telling EVERYONE about it. For example, I recently organized my lip products and my nail polishes.


Basically, all of my nail polish and some remover.


Lip products, side one.


Lip products, side two.

That is not, of course, all of my lip stuff and nail stuff, but it’s the majority of it and it made me feel SO MUCH better to do.

I also recently cleaned out the refrigerators in my house, literally scrubbing out the insides and throwing away anything that was perishable that wasn’t new. It was kind of awesome.

I have, of course, cleaned my room before. I used this epic folding system that was basically “filing” your clothing so that you could easily see it all in the drawer. It was pretty awesome.



Another weird thing that I like to do is put on makeup, brush my teeth, or fix my eyebrows while I’m using the bathroom. I just feel like it’s otherwise a waste of time. I also will put on makeup at night while I’m in there, and then promptly have to take it off when I wash my face. But, it’s good practice and leads to you being really quite good at makeup skills.

I also love to eat some pretty weird things, like banana and mayo sammiches, dill pickles and chocolate ice cream, hershey bars and BBQ sauce, and raw tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Not all together. Just, you know, sometimes.

Ooo, I also have a tendency to spell things the British way (e.g. colour, neighbour, etc.) and I’m such a fan of the Oxford comma (and commas in general), I’m going to get one tattooed on my wrist. Yep. That’s a thing. However, I totally use slang words and spellings (see: “Ooo” and also “gonna,” “coupla,” “kinda,” etc.). So, no worries if you want to comment and maybe don’t have perfect grammar. I’m not gonna kill ya. ^.~

I’m sure that there are tons more weird things I do, or habits that I have, but I can’t really think of any right now. So, what are some weird things you do? Am I leaving anything out? Do you guys want to know any other weird things about me? Ask away!


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