Happy Almost-the-Weekend Day!

Hey y’all! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I completely forgot that it was a Tuesday and not a weekend day when I don’t post. So. Yeah, dangers of being currently underemployed. I do work, but not on a 5-day, however-many-hour workweek.

Anyway! Enough about that. For this wild, weird, wacky wednesday, I want to talk about something that is considered a bit strange (unless you do it!) and definitely wild. Hooping!

I just got a new hoop, and she’s beautiful. So, I’ve been learning to do some moves, and it’s really fun! If not a bit tiring. But, that’s good! Exercise and all.


My new hoop!

I am completely in love with my hoop and the hooping world. I recommend fully the lady I worked with to get this hoop; she’s a very prompt responder and my hoop was shipped and got here in less than a week! I also totally recommend this chick for lessons and this site for the community.

I am also planning on taking my hoop everywhere I go so that I can use it whenever I have some free time. It really is addictive, you guys. Also, I have noticed a bit of a firming of my muscles. Not anything major, but certainly there and noticeable. My boyfriend even commented on it in one of our nightly skype sessions. Which, by the way, are completely necessary for long distance. Trust.

Anyway! I have also made some wonderfully wild and wacky shorts recently! I love them. They are based on the tutorial here. She’s awesome and has lots of other awesome tutorials, too.

Photo on 1-31-13 at 11.49 PM #2

Yup, these are my EPIC shorts

I used the Jacquard dye, but I couldn’t wait for it to be a convenient or warm time, so I did it outside one late afternoon and it was freezing! Anyway, I dripped ALL OVER my garage and they never fully dried before I washed them (as in, still DRIPPING when I threw them in), but I think they were totally worth it. They’re beautiful in real life, and so VIBRANT! I am in love.

I plan to wear these shorts while hooping at Counterpoint this year. Yeah. Also, potentially Excision, because I’m crazy. But only if it’s warm enough. And maybe some of those insane fuzzy leg warmers.

Yup, like these. Also, NOT my ass. I wish!

So, anyway, what do you guys think about hooping? Have you done it since you were a kid and the word “hula” was in front of it? I hadn’t! Are y’all fans of tie dye? I went to a pretty hippie, liberal college, so I am SUCH a fan of tie dye. SUCH a fan! See you guys soon! Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for next week’s Wild, Weird, Wacky Wednesday!


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