Warm Bodies

Hey, y’all! I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry, but I was in Asheville visiting my boyfriend and planning my move there (yeah, I’m moving). And I got snowed in and didn’t get on my computer the WHOLE TIME, which is pretty huge.

Anyway! While I was there, I went and saw Warm Bodies with Riley. Finally. It’s so good, you guys! It’s a really good combination of love story, comedy, and a bit of horror. It is a zombie film, of course, but it’s not really gory or scary or anything.

So good

Also, if you’re a fan of John Malkovich, guess what?! Yeah, he’s totally in it. If you’re a fan of the UK Skins or X-Men First Class, you may have already noticed that Nicholas Hoult (aka Tony and Beast, respectively) is the main zombie/protagonist. He’s very good, and has a wonderful presence and ability to be both very alive and very dead all at once, and makes a sexy decaying person.

The main antagonists are both the militant humans and also the scary-looking boneys, or zombies who have decayed to the point of losing all humanity. It’s actually a very interesting dichotomy between the zombies and the boneys, and also it’s a very unique perspective because you’re seeing the whole thing from the zombie’s perspective. I’m actually kinda pissed about it, because I’ve totally been working on a zombie love story for a while now. Blegh.

A boney

Oh well! Point being, it’s quite a good statement on humanity and society and technology and all of that. It’s definitely not subtle with its standpoint on the evils of tech and cell phones and such. However, it is a very successful discussion (assuming a give-and-take between the film and the audience, and the idea that both most be present for it to work) of society, while still being extremely funny and interesting. I can’t say I saw it coming, but it also wasn’t a total twist of a film. It was just amazing. I had absolutely no trouble getting sucked in and munching on my popcorn while watching, which is always the sign of a good film.

Anyway, the tension between the humans, and the tension between the militant humans who really remember and fear the zombie apocalypse — represented by John Malkovich — and the younger humans who have grown up in this armed culture — represented by Teresa Palmer (the blonde love interest, Julie) and Analeigh Tipton (whom I ADORE) — is very interesting and vibrant and necessary. The tension between the mostly human-looking zombies and the boneys is also pretty frightening and necessary, even if Nicholas Hoult’s character kind of writes them off as completely unintelligent and bestial. Plus, the final showdown is totally heart-racingly good. And there is totally a twist in that showdown that I did NOT see coming.

I do wish that the best friend character (Nora, played by Analeigh Tiption) could have her own movie, though. I totally identify with her. I think that if I were a movie character, I’d be the best friend, hands down.

Nora, my favorite

I definitely recommend this film for anyone who loves zombies and zombie theory, and who loves to discuss the sociological and cultural implications of monster movies and/or “horror” films (I use the term horror very loosely here). Also, the music is very appropriate for the movie. It definitely made me and Riley laugh out loud at some moments, and it’s so good!

I leave you with the trailer and the command to go see it immediately! Are there any other movies you guys want to hear about? I think next week I’m going to tell you a bit about Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which features Alan Tudyk, y’all! And we all know how much I OBSESS over Firefly, right?


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