Nails Galore!

Alright, so for this edition of Fabulous Fridays, I’m talking about a subject near and dear to my little, glittery heart. Nails! I love painting my nails. It’s really ridiculous how much I love it, especially since I never really did it much until I graduated from college. I guess having a lot of time on your hands will do that to a person. Haha, get it? Hands? Ba-dum pssht!


Anyway! I really want to talk about some of my most favored nail products, and maybe you guys will fall in love as well!

So, first off, I hope that everyone knows by now that a good foundation makes for a stronger building (or whatever you put on top of the foundation, which is also why I’m a proponent of getting properly fitted bras, but that’s another post). So, I currently adore Qtica Intense Repair cuticle cream and Butter London Melt Away cuticle eliminator¹. Seriously, though, I’m obsessed with the Qtica balm. It’s like nothing i’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried it all. After one use on bare nails without any clipping (it was in the car on the way home from buying it), my cuticles looks soft, with no flakes and my hangnails were actually minimised. How crazy?!

Before I do anything, I file my nails down to a nice, short, squoval. But, you can do any shape you want. This one just makes it easier for me to play the bass.

I use the Melt Away first in a thick layer around my nails, leave it on for two minutes, then push my cuticles back with an orangewood stick. I then clip any offending cuticle bits, wash the rest off with a stiff nail brush and Naked soap (technically a piercing cleanser, but that just makes it super good for any accidental bloody bits you may have incurred), and then follow all that up with the Qtica cream. You can also add some strengthening polish if you need to before the cream, which I do because my nails peel. It’s gross.


Bam! Beautiful nails

Obviously, in the above image, I used OPI’s Nail Envy for sensitive, peeling nails. I’ve had okay results so far, but have noticed some definite tip wear and chips, even with daily reapplications. It’s harder for me to notice the peeling with my nails this short, but I think it’s helping? Nothing truly ever gets rid of it for me. But, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

I also love the way Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment looks for when my natural nails are more yellow or ratty looking. It gives your nails a pinky-sort-of glow. It’s really quite nice. It does come out a bit thick or goopy on me, but I counteract that by applying it in a humid, hot bathroom instead of in front of a fan or in a cold room. It also doesn’t really do anything for my peeling problem, but it doesn’t exacerbate it in any way.


An older photo of the Julep treatment

So, if you want to do colour, consider everything I just told you a prep for your nail polish, okay? Except the cuticle cream. Unless you want your polish to wear off faster, you might want to save that part for last. Just as a general rule of thumb. Or, you could just wait until it sinks in, which is about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you used. Then, paint away! My current favorites are Essie’s Beyond Cozy, which are a lovely golden silver glitter, Covergirl’s Outlast in Grapevine, which is an awesome metallic purple, Covergirl’s Outlast in Constant Carribean (which I don’t have a picture for, sadly), which is a beautiful metallic teal, and Essie’s Shine of the Times (SotT), which is one of their Luxeffects topcoats and is a holographic flakie that does wonders for every polish you put it over. Also, I hear that if you put SotT over black, it goes full-on rainbow. How oilslick, dragonskin cool is that?!


Beyond Cozy


Grapevine with SotT as my accent nail top coat

For top coats, I’m super duper into Julep’s Freedom Polymer top coat. It seriously dries so quick, which is important because I’m always doing something stupid like going to pee or opening a coke can after painting my nails. This stuff dries them rock solid and SHINY in under 10 minutes. No joke. I love it.

If I want to do a matte top coat, however, I’m a sucker for nails inc.’s Westminster Bridge matte top coat. I really like putting over top of metallics, especially metallic silver or pewter, for that asphalt-esque finish. I also love it over black. It’s really the best.

So, that’s my nails post for now. If you guys have any favorite nail products, let me know! I love hearing about new stuff, and getting recommendations on other people’s HG (holy grail) products. See you next time! Maybe I’ll do next Friday’s post on bras.

¹As always, I am linking you to products that I love, that I am not sponsored to tell you about, and I’m linking you to the place that I personally purchased them. If you guys do like the Julep stuff I recommended and you decide that you want to become a Maven (it’s really cool and they send you new nail polishes every month, but you can opt out if you’re broke, or switch boxes if you don’t like the colours), then just enter this code at sign-up: 5397007. It’s super simple and I don’t get paid if you use the code or anything, I just get “Maven Points,” which can add up over time so I could get a free nail polish or something. Transparency, y’all!


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