Hillbilly Horror (it’s not what you think)

Hey y’all! Sorry this post is so late; I completely forgot that today is Monday and not Sunday. Anwyay, upward and onward, right?

So, for this week’s incarnation of Movie Madness Monday, I’d love to tell you guys about Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. It’s a very campy, sarcastic, hilarious, minimally gory, comedy-horror flick. Com-or? Hor-edy? Anyway.

You guys! It has Alan Tudyk! I mean, he’s not the main character, in my opinion, but he is one of the titular characters who are facing down pure evil (he’s Tucker). It also stars Katrina Bowden as the main beautiful girl and Tyler Labine as the lovable Dale.

The basic premise is that these two good ol’ boys are headed to their new cabin in the woods (sound familiar?) and run into these crazy co-eds along the way. The adorable, cuddly Dale sees a beautiful blonde in this group of co-eds and tries to talk to her. He fails. It probably would have gone better if he wasn’t holding a scythe. But what do I know?

Clearly, completely normal

So, these hillbillies continue on their way to this dilapidated old cabin with plans to spend the weekend fixing it up, fishing, and drink some PBR. Unluckily for them, when they decide to go night fishing (which is totally a thing, okay), they see the object of Dale’s affection fall and hit her head. When they rescue her from drowning, hilarity and misunderstanding ensues.

Katrina Bowden

The college kids think Tucker and Dale kidnapping her because they’ve seen way too many horror films, clearly. Tucker and Dale can’t understand why the college kids run away screaming from them. They’re just trying to help! So, the movie is pretty much what happens when these college kids get it in their heads that the kindly Tucker and Dale are actually crazy, psychopathic serial killers. It also doesn’t help that these woods did have an incident 20 years previously involving a crazy, psychopathic, hillbilly serial killer. Of course.

Anyway, I don’t want to completely ruin the movie for y’all, but it is truly hilarious and a pretty good statement on horror culture and the danger of stereotypes as well as being a fairly good little horror film. It definitely has it’s tense moments, but really not too much gore. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of Alan Tudyk, spoofs like Shaun of the Dead, or movies that explore horror tropes and comedic misunderstandings gone awry. Also, there are some scenes with hot, scantily clad chicks, if you’re into that. It basically hits every good horror stereotype it can, which is pretty awesome, especially given how it all unfolds.

I love this outfit

Also, if you’re AT ALL southern, you will love the fact that the southern hillbillies aren’t the killers, FOR ONCE. Also, I’d say they’re more redneck than hillbilly. If you understand the difference, I’m sure you’ll agree. It might also make you want to drink PBR or moonshine. Which is totally fine! Embrace your inner redneck! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, y’all.

Here’s the trailer. Anything you guys want to see me review next week? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you watch this and like it (or hate it!) let me know why! I would love to hear from y’all more.


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