So, I kind of stopped blogging, huh? It’s just hard not to get super discouraged when no one ever comments, or even really gives any feedback on other sites that I link to. 

But, I think the problem is that I’ve been writing for other people (save my last post), and that’s no good for anyone. I guess I should just go into this assuming that no one is ever going to read it, and then I won’t be disappointed when no one does, right? 

So, I guess I’m back, but don’t be surprised if the new topics have NOTHING to do with either each other or my old posts. 


6 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. rileyfly

    yes, please keep blogging. It’s an evolution of your thoughts and desires manifesting, and it can be beautiful when you see it going where you want it to go.

    1. waywardvictoriangrrl Post author

      Thank you! I just get all artist-depressed sometimes. You know how it is. ^.^;

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