Quick aside in reaction to Texas and North Carolina (and many other Republicans in the nation)

I find it fascinating that most people who are anti-choice (because, let’s be real, nobody is pro-death here, just pro-choice and anti-choice, but anti-choice doesn’t sound quite as democratic does it?) are also anti-birth control. As if women are just baby-making machines. As if we shouldn’t be allowed to have any agency over what happens to and inside of our own bodies.

I disagree. I rail against this idea, in fact. I rail against being told that I can’t do something simply because I don’t have a penis. We all know that if men were the ones getting abortions, there would be NO argument over whether or not it was legal, because men are allowed to decide what happens to their bodies and what happens inside of their bodies. Men are allowed to decide whether or not they want to use condoms – and that was never the “birth control issue.” Well, why not? Do people not think that the paychecks they send to their employees often goes to condoms? So, why is the Pill so damn bad in comparison? Hint: it’s not. Do some research. The Pill doesn’t do anything to any “baby,” there’s actually not even an egg released when you’re on the Pill, just a gamete which can’t be fertilized. Your body is simply tricked into believing there’s an egg released so you don’t ever even get pregnant in the first place. Sounds similar to a condom, no? And, also, if everything is about not killing “babies” (because unfertilized eggs are apparently babies now), why no regulation on condoms? Spermicide? Masturbation?

Make up your minds, people. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.


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