6-Week Challenge

Hey y’all! So, I decided to start a 6-Week Challenge yesterday on Nerd Fitness and I’ve been trying to shout it from the rooftops as a form of accountability.

Basically, I’m gonna get my yoga on and hopefully progress from my current beginner-level status to my previous intermediate-level status I had attained after a semester of yoga at GuilCo. I’m also looking for a similar level of peace and inner quiet that I found through yoga. My life goal is to get this book I’m reading cleaned up and published, so fingers crossed on that, too!

Any of my readers are welcome to join me on here, if you like, or to join the challenge at the Rebellion HQ. Though, it did start on the 29th, so fair warning, we’ll be a bit behind!

If you fancy a challenge, mosey on over to nerdfitnessrebellion.com and sign up! I’m waywardgrrl on there in the Level One thread, so come find me! I look forward to seeing some familiar faces up in there!


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