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Happy New Year!

Since it’s a new year and all that, I figured I’d do a little post and tell you guys all about what I’ve been using lately to keep my skin in shape. I did do a quickie post on both the Aztec Secret and the Egyptian Magic, but I wanted to really talk about them now that I’ve been using them for a while and know they are actually good. Anyway, here’s a picture of all the items I’ll be talking about, along with some links to where to buy them. Beauty, inside and out
Let’s start with the obvious: my Clarisonic. I was lucky enough to receive mine as a gift a few years ago (Seriously, years, and it’s still going strong) and I really love it. I use the Sensitive or Delicate brush heads and I find they really do get all the icky junk out of my pores while being really gentle and non-irritating. As you may know, I have sensitive princess skin, so the whole non-irritating aspect is very important for me.
Next up, Aztec Secret! As the tub says, “Feel your face pulsate!” And, yeah, that’s not just a clever marketing ploy. I think it really does make your face feel crazytown while it’s on, and then softer than a damn baby’s ass once you wash it off. Depending on if I’m feeling oily or a touch dry/extra sensitive, I’ll either mix my powder with equal part honey and ACV, or just ACV (sometimes with a drop or two of tea tree oil). You can also mix it with water, but I found that to not be deep cleaning enough.
Point being, this mask really works. For me, I’ll use it and then the next day, my bumps have been brought to the surface. So, that day, I’ll use my Clarisonic and my Glycolic cleanser (which I’ll talk about in a sec) to help get rid of the bumps, and then a day or two later, my skin is beautiful and clear. Now, I will admit, living in Georgia in the house that I’m literally, actually allergic to does make it hard to keep my skin nice and bump-free. But, I do my best, and this mask goes a long way to helping.
So, let’s see. Up next, I’m gonna talk about my Egyptian Magic moisturizer. I really, really like it. It’s pretty greasy and heavy-feeling, but it hasn’t made me break out yet, so I’m really happy with it. If anything, it makes my skin look plump and soft, even on days when it had been feeling dry before I slather it on (and you really do slather it on. Like icing).
When I first started using it, I used too much, and I did get little baby bumps on my cheeks, but once I realized why that was happening, I was able to cut back on the amount I use and still get the benefits without all the icky breakouts. I use about a lima bean-sized amount for my whole face and neck, so I hope that helps.
For my main skincare, I use all Mario Badescu products because they’re formulated specifically for sensitive skin, and use very gentle ingredients (or at least, the ones I use do. Some of the toners do have alcohol in them, so just be careful and read the ingredients list. If you need a deeper toning experience, I recommend witch hazel). I personally use the Enzyme Cleansing gel daily, followed by either the Aloe Vera toner or the Glycolic Acid toner depending on whether my skin is feeling extra sensitive or oily. A few times a week (once every 3 days or so), I use the Glycolic Acid foaming cleanser with my Clarisonic to really deep clean my skin and increase cell turnover action. In the morning, I moisturize with the Oil-Free moisturizer, and at night, I moisturize with Egyptian Magic. I tried layering argan oil underneath for a while, but it made me break out, so I had to stop.
For sunscreen, I always use mineral-based sunscreens because chemical ones make my face burn. Sensitive princess skin strikes again! Anyway, I either use the La Roche Posay one I listed above, or the Lavanila one or the Coola one. I have tried all of these sunscreens personally, and none of them whitecast me, so I like them. Now, to be fair, I am EXTREMELY pale, so for someone with darker skin, I’d recommend the La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen to counteract any whitecasting. It’s way too dark for my skin, though, so if you are pale, don’t think you can use it as tinted moisturizer. Use Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer for that. Actually, everyone should use Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer anyway. It’s, like, 40 bucks for a tube, but a tube lasts you FOREVER because you only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face.
For body moisturizing, preventing ingrown hairs (it’s easier for stubble to push through soft, supple skin), removing eye makeup (if you don’t have acne-prone skin. If you do, use jojoba oil), oil-pulling, and preventing dandruff while also making my hair stronger and grow faster, I use pure, unrefined coconut oil. I linked to the Artisana one, but any unrefined coconut oil will work. Make sure it’s unrefined, though! Refined coconut oil doesn’t have the same benefits because all the lovely minerals and stuff have been filtered out. Unrefined coconut oil is also known as “virgin”  or “extra virgin” coconut oil. They’re exactly the same, so don’t worry about it.
A little bit about oil-pulling: It’s an Ayurvedic practice that Indians have been doing for ages, so please don’t tell me that it’s some “New Age” hippie bullshit. It’s not. It’s a very old thing, and has many proven benefits, including lowered chance of gum disease and stronger teeth. I also have personally noticed clearer nasal passages and fewer pimples since I started it. It helps pull out any toxins from your body, so don’t take any of your vitamins or whatever pills you take until after you spit it out and have brushed your teeth. I also like to do it the day after drinking, and have noticed that it shortens or entirely gets rid of hangovers, but your mileage may vary, y’all. I’m just telling you my experiences with it.
Now, last but not least, my newest beauty secret(s): the beverages I drink! I make my own fruity water for super-duper hydration which involves 2L of water along with 1 sliced cucumber, 1 sliced lemon, and one handful of torn mint leaves. I recommend washing your fruit and veg with this before putting it into your water or consuming it in any way, really, just to get rid of all the dirt and pesticides. You’d be shocked at how dirty your “already washed” produce is!
The other beverage I love is kombucha. I mean, I kind of thing straight up, plain kombucha is a bit too fermented-tasting for my kitten tongue, but I do really, REALLY like this Synergy Raspberry Chia one. It’s fruity and light and slightly carbonated and also has the benefits of Chia seeds, which just adds to the nutrition. Kombucha is known to have many health benefits, which I’ll let you guys research on your own, and really has no downsides (unless you don’t like the taste. In which case, don’t drink it!). I personally dig the immune-boosting benefits and I actually really like the taste. It’s like a more earthy wine or fruity beer, and it helps prevent cancer! WIN.
So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that maybe it inspires you to do your own version of it, or maybe just inspires you to improve your own beauty routine! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products or if you plan on trying any of them. Also, tell me about your routines! I want to know!

Fabulously Natural – Updated to Add Pictures of My Personal Stash

Sometimes, you just don’t feel very fabulous. I went to the dermatologist a little while ago and was (very quickly) diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis around my nose. It’s itchy, red, flaky skin, similar to very dry or problematic skin. My skin is already pretty sensitive, so this was just the last push I needed to go full-tilt all natural. Since then, I’ve been using Tea Tree & Neem oil soap (pictured below – that is a sample that I halved and kinda squished) and pure shea butter (also pictured below) on my face, and I think it has helped? I also have been forced to stop using my Clarisonic because I got the wrong brush head, and I canNOT wait to get the sensitive one and start using it again (I know, I KNOW), but I do think that the gentle hand washing my face has been getting has helped the SD, even if it hasn’t done a thing for my breakouts.


My face soap


My current – very good! – shea butter, though I just ordered a bigger one from elsewhere

I’ve also been putting a bit of pure Tea Tree oil and raw, organic apple cider vinegar on the affected areas, which is a bit tingly and a bit burny if it’s raw, but has also helped a bit. PS, those links are where I get them, but you can also get some of those things at the grocery store. Namely, the ACV and the tea tree oil. Just make sure the ACV is raw, organic, unprocessed with bits of the “mother” (apple pulp, I think) floating in it. It will look cloudy, as opposed to the very clear kind that Heinz makes. There’s nothing wrong with the Heinz, but all the nutrients are gone. Also, I keep a jar of ACV in the bathroom and the main bottle in the kitchen because it can also be taken internally to aid in clearing your skin, speeding your metabolism, and just generally making you healthy (and making a delicious salad dressing!).


My Bragg’s ACV and tea tree oil

Anyway, I’m going to the dermatologist soon for a second opinion and to see if there’s anything I can do about it. If he agrees that it is SD, then I’m gonna try not to use the steroid cream if I can help it, because that kinda freaks me out (and breaks me out!), and will instead try to use an all natural remedy that has awesome reviews.

This one, in fact

I also did just order some of Nutiva‘s organic, pure, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut butter and Out of Africa‘s pure, organic shea butter, and some Dr. Bronner‘s Lavender castile soap. I highly, personally recommend all of these products, and all of the products I mentioned above (except the Derm-Essentials, which I have yet to try, but the reviews are AMAZING for it and the ingredients all look great for your skin and the company is very open, forthright, honest, and seems like a good one to work with).

Also, I have some DIYs I’m planning for future Fabulous Fridays. I’m thinking some scrubs, some lip balms, some lotions, some deodorants, and anything else you guys might like to see!

Let me know what you thought of this post. I know it’s pretty hippie-dippy, but I am a hippie! What’s wrong with a little nature lovin’? NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT! If you guys have any product requests or ideas of things that you want to see for future fabulous fridays, let me know! I’ll be happy to do them, to guinea pig things, whatever.

Fabulous Fridays

Hey-oh! So, I’ve decided to do a little thing called Fabulous Fridays, based on a request I got (probably jokingly) about doing something sharing some of the beauty knowledge that I have. So, here we go!

This Friday, I want to talk about BB creams. Now, I’ve swatched quite a few, but I will also readily admit that I am a tried-and-true tinted moisturizer fan. Also, you guys know I’m not paid for any links, right? If I were, I’d totally tell you. Also, I’d probably not be so free-and-easy with my link sharing! I pretty much share anything and everything with you guys. Well, anything I think is cool.

Anyway! BB creams. I know everyone’s into them now. They’re originally Asian! And they’re ten-in-one! And they’re lightweight! So, that’s all cool, and explains everyone’s obsession with them. They’ve now saturated the Western market, and I personally believe that there aren’t really any in America that stand up to the OGs. Sorry America!

This one looks perfect for me

This one also looks cool, but I’ve never tried it

But, there are quite a few to choose from, so you can decide for yourself. Recently, there have been some good drugstore brands that have released BB creams. Now, I personally think the Maybelline and Covergirl ones might work for some people, but they are not my style. The Revlon one swatched on me really nicely, so I’ll just have to try it and see if it breaks me out. But, I’m hopeful! The Revlon one claims to have all the skincare benefits the OGs have, and still cover. So, that’s cool.

It looks really good on my skin

I’ve heard that the TooFaced and Urban Decay ones are shitty if you’re expecting any sort of coverage (sorry, TooFaced, I love your bronzers and powders! sorry Urban Decay, I’m addicted to your eye shadows and primers!). I heard this from Rachel Whitehurst, who I would literally trust with anything beauty related, so there’s that. Now, neither she nor I have tried the new TooFaced cream BB, so that might work for you.

Too sheer!

Too tacky!

I cannot wait to try some of those Asian ones and the Revlon one I mentioned above. I think they’ll be very cool and a good alternative to one of my favorite tinted moisturizers. I mean, I pretty much never wear foundation because tinted moisturizer is my favorite thing ever, so it would take a lot to replace them for me. But, I’m hopeful. Also, if you get them at Sephora and they don’t work, you can always return them for a full refund with the receipt OR store credit if you don’t have the receipt. Which is cool of them.

So, do you guys have anything you want to see? I can do tutorials, reviews, comparisons, whatever you want! Just let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review/info thing.