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Fabulous Fridays

Hey-oh! So, I’ve decided to do a little thing called Fabulous Fridays, based on a request I got (probably jokingly) about doing something sharing some of the beauty knowledge that I have. So, here we go!

This Friday, I want to talk about BB creams. Now, I’ve swatched quite a few, but I will also readily admit that I am a tried-and-true tinted moisturizer fan. Also, you guys know I’m not paid for any links, right? If I were, I’d totally tell you. Also, I’d probably not be so free-and-easy with my link sharing! I pretty much share anything and everything with you guys. Well, anything I think is cool.

Anyway! BB creams. I know everyone’s into them now. They’re originally Asian! And they’re ten-in-one! And they’re lightweight! So, that’s all cool, and explains everyone’s obsession with them. They’ve now saturated the Western market, and I personally believe that there aren’t really any in America that stand up to the OGs. Sorry America!

This one looks perfect for me

This one also looks cool, but I’ve never tried it

But, there are quite a few to choose from, so you can decide for yourself. Recently, there have been some good drugstore brands that have released BB creams. Now, I personally think the Maybelline and Covergirl ones might work for some people, but they are not my style. The Revlon one swatched on me really nicely, so I’ll just have to try it and see if it breaks me out. But, I’m hopeful! The Revlon one claims to have all the skincare benefits the OGs have, and still cover. So, that’s cool.

It looks really good on my skin

I’ve heard that the TooFaced and Urban Decay ones are shitty if you’re expecting any sort of coverage (sorry, TooFaced, I love your bronzers and powders! sorry Urban Decay, I’m addicted to your eye shadows and primers!). I heard this from Rachel Whitehurst, who I would literally trust with anything beauty related, so there’s that. Now, neither she nor I have tried the new TooFaced cream BB, so that might work for you.

Too sheer!

Too tacky!

I cannot wait to try some of those Asian ones and the Revlon one I mentioned above. I think they’ll be very cool and a good alternative to one of my favorite tinted moisturizers. I mean, I pretty much never wear foundation because tinted moisturizer is my favorite thing ever, so it would take a lot to replace them for me. But, I’m hopeful. Also, if you get them at Sephora and they don’t work, you can always return them for a full refund with the receipt OR store credit if you don’t have the receipt. Which is cool of them.

So, do you guys have anything you want to see? I can do tutorials, reviews, comparisons, whatever you want! Just let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review/info thing.