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Happy Valentine’s Day!

How appropriate that this week’s Things I Love Thursday is on Valentine’s Day, no? I love it, y’all.

So, for this week’s Things I Love, a list:

For Valentine’s Day, I’d like to just go ahead and say I love my significant other. Duh. Yes, sappy I know, but it’s true! I do. I am completely in love with Riley Flynn, and you can’t stop me!

I also adore this article by Molly Crabapple, artist and Dr. Sketchy creator extraordinaire! There is nothing wrong with being different or weird, y’all, and you should never let anyone put you down for your choice of self expression, okay?

I also have a love affair with corsets, in case you didn’t know. Seriously, I’m addicted to collecting and showing them off. I think they’re beautiful! Here are two of my favorites, but I have SEVERAL and I LOVE THEM ALL:

Photo on 10-31-12 at 4.07 PM

Me on halloween


Me on an average day

This article is an awesome one about corsets and common myths surrounding them. I mean, you guys know that corsets were basically big ol’ bras, right? They were actually quite comfortable and supportive when worn correctly, and nothing at all like how movies (such as Brave or Gone With the Wind) portrayed them! But, my readers are smart, right? Y’all didn’t really think they were all that bad.


Proof that you really can laugh in a corset

So, that’s it for my Things I Love Thursday post. Send me your favorite links and articles and images and things, y’all. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up in my next edition of TILT!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate it by eating a lot of honey to keep your kisses sweet and also to honour St. Valentine – the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers.