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Why I just deactivated my Facebook account – #FBrape

Why I just deactivated my Facebook account – #FBrape.


A very good, concise post on how facebook views women and hate speech against them. With a bit of an update, but we’ll see how long their pledge to do better lasts, and if they actually do.

À l’intérieur

So, for this edition of Movie Madness Monday, I’m going to tell you guys about one of my favorite horror movies ever. It’s called Inside or À l’intérieur, if you want to go with the original French title. It came out in 2007, and is basically just a big, giant f-you to your emotions.

The least offensive poster

So, this movie starts out with a car crash superimposed by the credits. It’s pretty crazy to experience a car crash from inside a person’s uterus, but that’s the French for you. Anyway, it segues pretty quickly from devastating car crash to Christmas Eve a few months later. The protagonist is 9 months pregnant and on the eve of both Christmas and an early-morning induced labor, and her fiancé has died in the beginning car crash. We also find out that she’s a photographer, which is kind of important later.

Anyway! It starts out as a sort-of typical French film, which is to say it makes no real sense and there’s a weird ghost-nude-sexy-times scene. But, that changes pretty quickly, y’all. Once the action starts, it’s pretty much a full-on gorefest for the most completely devastating, utterly despondent 82 minutes of any movie I’ve ever seen. It feels much longer. Trust.

Beatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis

You guys. Béatrice Dalle is terrifying as the evil woman. Alysson Paradis is a revelation as the terrified pregnant woman. One of the characters describes it best when he says the set is like a charnel house.

Of course, there are some parts that are utterly incomprehensible to me. The fact that Paradis decides to take a bunch of pictures of the creeper outside of her house before calling the cops. I mean, I know she’s a photographer and it would be nice to have photographic evidence of the trespasser, but it still seems odd when she sees someone outside her house, and reaches for her camera instead of her phone.

Also, there will be a moment in which you wonder if the movie has suddenly become a zombie flick. It has not.

The film is set during the crazy mobs and bombings and protests that happened in France in 2006, which also adds a nice air of unrest and mystery to the film. Is this happening because she’s a news photographer? Why is Dalle trying to cut the baby out of Paradis? What is going on? It’s got a great twist ending that will make you believe in twist endings again, and is also reminiscent of other horror films coming out of France at that time (Haute Tension comes to mind).

I could (and have) write an entire essay about this film, delving into the psychological terror imparted by the movie, not to mention the physical discomfort one feels watching it, especially as a person with a uterus. It’s kind of like Teeth for women.

Also a really good, mostly feminist film about vagina dentata

Inside is perfect for Women in Horror month because it features two bad-ass women, including the inimitable Béatrice Dalle, who, seriously you guys, google her. It also features some pretty awesome gore effects and some seriously epic death scenes, which can only make a movie better, in my opinion. Really, there is a reason I make all of my friends watch this movie. It’s just that amazing. I can’t in good conscience recommend it without telling you that you will lose all faith in humanity by the end of the film, but that’s just because it’s such a well-crafted story that you believe it. Seriously. It’s very claustrophobic and it’s mostly all set in one house, with very close shots and crazy angles that make you feel like you’re part of the action and maybe you’ll be attacked next. It’s really so good, y’all.

So, that’s it for my review of Inside. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I think I’m starting to get better at this whole reviewing thing. If you have any suggestions for future Movie Madness Mondays posts, let me know! I’ll be glad to watch or review anything, it doesn’t have to be horror!

And now, the trailer. Not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How appropriate that this week’s Things I Love Thursday is on Valentine’s Day, no? I love it, y’all.

So, for this week’s Things I Love, a list:

For Valentine’s Day, I’d like to just go ahead and say I love my significant other. Duh. Yes, sappy I know, but it’s true! I do. I am completely in love with Riley Flynn, and you can’t stop me!

I also adore this article by Molly Crabapple, artist and Dr. Sketchy creator extraordinaire! There is nothing wrong with being different or weird, y’all, and you should never let anyone put you down for your choice of self expression, okay?

I also have a love affair with corsets, in case you didn’t know. Seriously, I’m addicted to collecting and showing them off. I think they’re beautiful! Here are two of my favorites, but I have SEVERAL and I LOVE THEM ALL:

Photo on 10-31-12 at 4.07 PM

Me on halloween


Me on an average day

This article is an awesome one about corsets and common myths surrounding them. I mean, you guys know that corsets were basically big ol’ bras, right? They were actually quite comfortable and supportive when worn correctly, and nothing at all like how movies (such as Brave or Gone With the Wind) portrayed them! But, my readers are smart, right? Y’all didn’t really think they were all that bad.


Proof that you really can laugh in a corset

So, that’s it for my Things I Love Thursday post. Send me your favorite links and articles and images and things, y’all. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up in my next edition of TILT!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate it by eating a lot of honey to keep your kisses sweet and also to honour St. Valentine – the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers.

Happy Women in Horror Month!

So, for those of you who don’t know, February is Women in Horror month! This is very exciting for me because I am a self-described feminist and I also LOVE horror movies. Seriously. So, any time I get to celebrate the accomplishments of women, especially within a genre that I adore, I’m a very happy camper. Unlike the kids at Camp Crystal Lake. Poor kids.

Anyway! For this month, I’ll be featuring my favorite women in horror and their efforts and accomplishments. And, if you don’t like that? Door’s that-a-way.

Or, you could make your own door

So, anyway, this edition of Movie Madness Monday is gonna be about the Twisted Twins, y’all. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry. You will. Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions are two Canadian sisters (twins, don’tcha know) who make AWESOME horror movies. Their first movie, the amazing, gory, funny, smart, intense, crazy-as-shit, grindhouse-esque Dead Hooker in a Trunk is one of my absolute favorite horror movies I’ve seen. And that’s definitely saying something, especially for a first-time effort made on a shoestring budget.

The effects are gore-geous (ha!) and add just the right amount of surrealism to the ultra-violence. I really loved the blood in the movie, it was free-flowing and had a gorgeous shine and dark vibrancy to it. Also, for a tiny-ass-budget, the effects are damn good. That’s probably because of the people they met in film school, the DIY ethic of two stubborn-as-hell sisters, and the contacts they made just from being ridiculously good at what they do.


The bloody faces of true visionaries

The film is, obviously, about what happens when a group of friends find a dead chick, who happens to be a hooker, in their trunk. Of course, absolute madness ensues. I don’t want to tell you too much, but the movie feels short because it’s so action-packed and has so many twists and turns. Nothing Shyamalan-y or anything, just madcap plot points.

I think my favorite scene (of which there are many in this film, but this is definitely in the top 10) is when the sisters’ junkie friend shoots up and has an intense philosophical discussion with the dead chick. Or the scene where the geeky sister looses an eye and goes all anime up on a bitch. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Actually, the film has quite a lot in common with Japanese genre films, especially the gore, ultra-violence, and awesome chicks kicking ass.

I also adore the characters, which I remember more for their character archetypes than their names. There’s the Badass, the Geek, the Goody Two Shoes, and the Junkie. The ways that these characters face their predicament, and face down everything thrown at them, including pervy cops, pimp killers, losing body parts, and epically gory showdowns really make you fall in love with the characters. Of course, I love the Badass because she’s just so … badass! But, I also adore the quiet strength of the Geek and the courage the Goody Two Shoes finds in himself and the deeper emotions within the Junkie.

The main cast

Apparently, the sisters made the trailer the film is based on as their final project in film school. They created it in honour of exploitation films and ended up making a trailer that earned them an even split of disgust and adoration among viewers at the screening. They also managed to turn the idea into a wonderful full-length that has garnered attention from many genre heavies, such as Eli Roth, and has gotten them featured in some of my favorite horror magazines, including Rue Morgue (which is also Canadian!).

Because they are from Canada, Dead Hooker is set in Vancouver, and has really pumped up the Canadian horror genre, I think. It seems that many films are made in Canada, but most are not actually set there (see Cabin in the Woods, for example), so it’s pretty cool to have a Canadian-made movie set in Canada. I hope to see more from Canada, especially if the Twisted Twins are an example of what the country can produce!

I can’t wait to see their next film, American Mary, which is a horror film that explores body modification and the lengths some people will go to in order to be beautiful. It looks awesome. 

Here’s the trailer for Dead Hooker, which I really can’t recommend enough.

So, next week, I’m gonna look at one of my favorite movies, which features some badass, SCARY women. What’d you think of this review? Are you going to go watch the movie now? You totally should.