Happy Cheap Chocolate Day!

Hello, lovelies! So, as we all know, today is the day to raid your local grocery and drug stores to find those good discounts on chocolate (and maybe flowers and teddy bears and other stuff, too?), so after you read this, head to your nearest Kroger/CVS/Teeter/whatever, and hit up those post-V-day sales! It will make you feel even MORE fabulous! Promise.

These are my favorites

Anyway! On to the fabulousness.

You guys. Honey is my new best friend. I don’t remember if I mentioned it in my last post (pretty sure I didn’t), but I discovered that honey GREATLY improves the severity of sebhorreic dermatitis (seb derm or SD from here on out)! Just make sure that you’re only using raw, organic honey for this. I use gallflower honey for this that I got at Brighter Day in Savannah. It’s really tasty stuff.

Basically, I went ahead and mixed up a honey and sugar mixture to put on my lips to exfoliate them in a gentle and seriously delicious way, and saw that the redness and itching decreased dramatically around my nose and mouth afterwards as well. So, I put it on my whole face.


Honey and sugar in the raw

Basically, I didn’t really measure anything, but I’d say about a 1:.5 mixture of honey to sugar, so it’s not too terribly rough on your skin. Mix it up really well and splat it on your face and lips and rub it around for about 30 seconds to a minute. I then let it sit for about 10 minutes before washing (and licking) it off.



My skin was SO soft afterwards, because honey is a humectant and the sugar got all the dead skin flakes off. If you’re worried about the fact that sugar can feed yeast and potentially make your seb derm worse, you can use sea salt. But, really don’t scrub hard with salt. Salt also promotes lymphatic cleansing, so that’s really good as a body scrub.

You can also just apply honey to your face as a mask. Leave it on up to 2-3 hours, if you want, and then rinse with warm water. You want to leave a slight film of honey on your skin, you don’t want to be squeaky clean after! You’ll know what I mean as you’re splashing the honey off your face. I also added a few drops of tea tree oil and ACV to the honey, but that makes it not so tasty to lick and also you can’t leave those on for as long, because they can be irritating to your skin. But, seriously, after doing that mask, my face looked awesome and the redness was very minimal.

So, I got my coconut oil and shea butter and Dr. Bronner’s in the mail today, so I’ll be posting some DIYs soon, hopefully! If there’s anything else you guys want to see or products you want me to review or compare, let me know! I’ll totally do it.

Have a happy Friday and weekend, y’all! Don’t eat so much chocolate that you puke.



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